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Fillers can be used to restore volume loss and contour in the forehead and temples. This is increasingly becoming popular, especially in Asia where a fuller forehead and temples are highly sought after.

As we age, bone resorption, loss of fat and flattening of the muscles at the forehead and temples cause a hollow appearance. Sunken temples give a skeletonised and haggard appearance, affecting the overall balance of the face. Dermal fillers placed in the temples help restore volume loss and smoothen out the important transition between the zygoma (cheekbone) and the forehead, reducing any unnatural shadows. In addition, it provides support and lift to the outer frame of the face - medycyna estetyczna - raising the tail of the eyebrows and creates bigger and brighter looking eyes.

On the other hand, loss of volume in the forehead with age causes the brow (orbital bone) to appear more prominent, giving rise to a fiercer and more masculine appearance. Dermal fillers placed in the sunken parts of the forehead help to smoothen out the facial contour and provides a smooth and full forehead. This creates a more youthful and feminine look.

source: Stomatologia 25

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